I’m writing this as I sit on the plane flying home from a songwriters’ retreat I attended last week. My heart is filled to overflow as I think of the lifelong friendships that were formed and all the divine appointments that led us to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Six of us were in attendance from six different states. Six different people, six different stories, six very different personalities, six different obstacles that had to be overcome in order to get there. Yet somehow, through God’s intervention, we all arrived safe and secure.
There were common threads of friendship through our stories, but some of us had not even met before we walked into the home we would be staying at for seven days and six nights. That’s a lot of togetherness with people you’ve basically just met!
Yet my heart is filled to overflowing as I think of my sweet new friends and all God did in us and through us. Besides writing some amazing songs, we also prayed over each other, shared meals, laughed, cried, and connected at a deep level.

We decided to do an exercise with all six of us called Psalming, which is where you sing through the Psalms, making up a melody as you go. As we sat in the middle of God’s Word, we each sang one or two verses as we felt led.
In the midst of some of the most beautiful Holy Spirit moments I have ever experienced, two very special songs came to life. Normally I would not even think of attempting to write a song with six people because it’s simply too hard. That many writers can be almost impossible because of varied opinions, varied writing styles and varied musical experiences to draw from. 
Yet it was natural. It flowed. It was absolutely beautiful as the songs seemed to fall down from heaven and we were simply the scribes. We felt the overflow of God’s presence in those sacred moments.
Oh, we hit some obstacles. There was one point in time I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to finish what we had started, but we pressed in. We persevered. We sat in the presence of the Spirit and let Him gently guide us through the process.

Man, am I glad we did!
The result has seriously moved my soul! I woke up this morning with one of the songs playing over and over in my mind. It’s from Psalm 16, and it’s called “Keep Me Safe.” When I went to sleep last night, the other song from Psalm 48, “So Many Reasons,” was playing its sweet melody over and over like a lullaby.
We shared the songs on Facebook, and the response has been so sweet. People are already asking for lyric sheets and chord charts so they can use them in worship. The songs have literally gone around the world and have been heard in Africa and Australia. I’ve included a link to the videos below so you can listen in if you would like to see and hear what the experience was like.
As I think about the divine appointments, miracles really, that had to happen to bring all six of us together, my jaw drops at the overflow of our loving Father. He has been orchestrating this week literally for years. And even though everyone there except for Rachel was a new friend, I feel like I have a found “my people.” I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I have made lifelong friends, and I feel so very, very blessed.
God put on each of our hearts to simply say yes. He prompted us to go where a door was opening. He called us to be brave and trust that our common bond of faith would be enough to overcome the fact that we didn’t each other very well.
I encourage you, my friend, if God is calling you to something new, something scary, something you aren’t sure about, GO! If God is in it and you are sure it’s His voice you are hearing, He will bless your faithfulness. 
I’m not anyone special. I’m just a soldier on the journey like you. But I had the privilege of experiencing something very special, something I will forever treasure, because I was willing to simply say yes and go.
Don’t miss out on what God is laying before you. Step out in faith, trust that God has it, and be ready for the overflow of His goodness!
Hugs and love,


Listen to the song for Psalm 48 – “So Many Reasons”
Listen to the song for Psalm 16 – “Keep Me Safe”

One thought on “Overflow

  1. Very cool I love “Keep Me Safe” the best but they are both wonderful! Funny the guitarist is a switch hitter playing the guitar both left and right handed. Not sure I’ve ever seen that before lol assume the video was inverted.

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