Law of Process

Blog – 7-10-19

I’m a creative, so I tend to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal. I love to be spontaneous. I am energized by the freedom of going with the flow, making it up as you go, and I struggle with routine. It can feel boring and, honestly, very draining.
When I first read The Law of Process in John Maxwell’s book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,” I thought yuck! That’s no fun (I’m just being honest here!) The Law of Process says, “Leadership develops daily, not in a day.” The chapter is devoted to the idea of being consistent, being patient with results, and embracing the idea that the secret to our success is found in our daily agenda.
The problem I have and I know many of you have is we want the big events, those life-changing moments that transform us, and we underestimate the power of the process, those daily disciplines that help us grow little by little. I mean, really, the big events are a lot more fun! We love the huge wins and forget the power of the slow, steady, sure growth found in sticking with and trusting the process. 
But God has shown me over and over again that the secret to my spiritual success is found in my daily discipline, being in the Word, praying, surrendering daily, spending time alone with Him so I can hear where He is leading me. It’s all a part of trusting and leaning into the process.
The story of Joseph found in Genesis, Chapters 37 to 50, is a beautiful illustration of the Law of Process. I encourage you to take some time to read it. And as you read it, think about how his incredible story relates to your life.
Joseph’s story is a perfect example of the four phases of leadership and spiritual growth:
Phase 1 – I don’t know what I don’t know. Joseph wasn’t aware of what he was doing in his family – or he didn’t care. He didn’t realize the negative impact his words and his cocky attitude were having on his family. He was the favorite son, born in his father Jacob’s old age, and he rubbed it in his brother’s faces. He shared his dream of being in power without a single thought as to how that would affect his brothers.
Phase 2 – I know that I don’t know. It took a life-changing incident to get Joseph’s attention and start him on the road to change. When he was thrust into slavery, he started to understand exactly how much he didn’t know. Through tough lessons of betrayal and hard lessons in human behavior, he realized that God was his only source of blessing and power. He finally felt humility.
Phase 3 – I know and grow and it starts to show. When Pharaoh called Joseph to interpret his dream, Joseph performed with excellence. He didn’t miraculously get good at age 30; he had been faithful in the process for the 13 years leading up to this moment, this big event. It was hard-won wisdom and discernment that got him promoted to second in command. 

Phase 4 – I simply go because of what I know.  When the seven years of plenty and seven years of drought arrived, Joseph knew exactly what to do. He was ready to be the leader God had called him to be. It was the process that made him ready.
It took 23 years for Joseph to be reunited with his family. That’s a long time, my friend. Yet look at all he accomplished because he went through the process. He saved his country from famine and was able to feed people of other nations as well.
To say the least, Joseph went through a lot as he went from the pit to the palace.
If you’re in the pit, my friend, waiting to get into the palace, I encourage you to trust the process. Read Joseph’s story and let it inspire you to keep up the daily disciplines necessary to grow your spiritual strength. Even when you don’t see the progress, trust it. You ARE growing! Believe with all your heart that God is using every part of your story to develop you into someone He will use in mighty ways.
And I’m speaking to myself as I write this, TRUST the Law of Process!
Hugs and love,

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