In the Morning Light

Blog – 8-15-18

Earlier this summer, I was at a friend’s lake home for a few days. For those of you that read my blog regularly, it was the time I did the art project that was so much fun.

One of the mornings while I was there, I did my devotions out by the water. The sunlight was hitting the water at the absolute perfect angle, and it looked like there were a million diamonds dancing on the lake. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Here’s a picture of it.

As I sat mesmerized by the beauty of the moment, it felt like God was calling out to me, inviting me to come and simply rest in Him. It was peaceful. It was serene. It was wonderful.

Being a songwriter, I immediately got my guitar out and started a song called “In the Morning Light.” I attempted to put into words all that I felt as I looked out on the water, the feeling that God was saying to me, you have everything you could ever need right here. Right now. Right in this very moment.

I revisited the song last week and was able to finish it. I poured over the lines with great care, praying that every word would hold God’s truth. I particularly love the line God gave me (I know I shouldn’t say this since I wrote it, but I do!) “I have hidden heaven right there in your restless heart.” Don’t we all have hearts that are restless, hearts that are hurting, hearts that are fearful. But the truth God revealed to me again in that experience is that He has already given me all I need. His love, His truth, His mercy, His heaven is already there inside me.

And it’s inside you too, my friend!

I did something a little different and wrote the song in first person, as if God was singing it to us, because it felt like the dancing sunlight was literally calling out to me, beckoning me to draw near. I wanted to do my very best to convey the idea of the Holy Spirit reaching out and grabbing hold of my heart because that’s what it felt like.

I made a quick video that I’m sharing with you below so you can hear this song. I shared it on Facebook last week, and it’s pretty crazy how many comments and shares I have received. I guess something about it touched people, which I’m so grateful for. I think it’s the simplicity of it. It’s the honesty in it. It’s the sense of peace that it invokes.

I invite you to listen by clicking on the button below, and as you do, imagine God singing these words directly to you. I pray you will let it wash over you and fill your heart with His peace! And remember, you have all you will ever need in the morning light!

Here are the lyrics:

In the Morning Light
Words and music by Jill Miller © 2018

Another sleepless night of worry, wondering when this will end
I know it’s hard to trust my story when you’re in the lion’s den
But I see you in the dark
I have hidden heaven right there in your restless heart

In the morning light, my child draw near
In the morning light, give me your fear
Let my Spirit come and help you see
You have all you will ever need
In the morning light
In the morning light

My sunlight dances on the water as I gently call your name
I am holding you, my daughter, so let go of your pain
I have heard every prayer

Believe and trust that when life is hard I am there

In the morning light, my child draw near
In the morning light, give me your fear
Let my Spirit come and help you see
You have all you will ever need
In the morning light
In the morning light

Watch your worries disappear
As you rest with me here
And taste my truth
Bring your struggles and your scars
Come just the way you are
I’m waiting for you
In the morning light
In the morning light

Hugs and love,


Listen to “In the Morning Light”


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