Blog – 2-21-18

As I sat down to write this blog today, God brought to mind a song I started in January. It’s called “Legacy.”

I’m developing an online course to go along with a retreat I lead called, “Writing the Song of Your Life.” The retreat topic asks the audience to picture their life as a song that’s playing on the radio for the world to hear. When you hear it, do you want to turn it up or turn it off? It’s all about living our lives with intention and purpose.

I’ve been working on the online course to go along with the teaching since the beginning of January, so I’ve been immersed in thoughts and ideas surrounding the idea of living into our purpose. I’ve been asking myself hard questions as I try to find the best possible way to help others lean into and discover their own unique purpose. It’s exciting stuff, and I truly think it’s important because I know firsthand it has the potential to change everything.

I know it did for me.

Reading “The Purpose Driven Life” changed my world completely, and I can honestly say it’s why I’m doing music full-time. I knew after reading the book for the second and third time that I couldn’t hide from my purpose any longer. I had to be true to who God created me to be. That’s when I quit my “real” job 12 years ago to follow my passion for music and reaching others for Christ.

The song “Legacy” asks the questions, “What kind of legacy will I leave? Has the world seen Jesus in me?”

Honestly, I wrestle with that question. I struggle to live intentionally within the path God has placed me on. I believe we are all created on purpose for a purpose, and it’s up to us to find that purpose.

Have you found yours?

I believe that’s a question each and every one of us needs to wrestle with. Are we living out of our gifts and talents or obligations and expectations? Are we doing everything we can with everything God has blessed us with? Are we being true to our “true” calling?

I’m going to keep this short and let my song do the talking. I know you’re busy. I know you’re under a time crunch as you read this, but I hope you will take a minute to listen to this song and let the questions in the lyrics dive deep into your heart. I know they are diving deep into mine. I hope every one of us continues to ask these questions until the day God takes us home.

So it’s a rough home demo, but I invite you to take a listen, and please let me know if the song stirs anything in your soul. The lyrics are below.

Ask yourself, what kind of legacy will YOU  leave?

Love and hugs,


Words and music by Jill Miller © 2018

I’ve been asking hard questions about this life I’m living
Like what have I done with all the gifts that I have been given
Have I been grace, have I been love
Have I been Jesus to the least of us
Has my faith made mountains move
Have I found joy in all I do

What kind of legacy will I leave?
Has the world seen Jesus in me?

I don’t wanna leave with anything left on the table
I want to give God my very best until I’m not able
Let me speak truth, let me speak life
Let me speak hope in the darkest night
May mercy fall down from my lips
May heaven’s hand be in my fingertips

What kind of legacy will I leave?
Has the world seen Jesus in me?

Jesus come, help me find every place that I can shine
Let me leave your mark, let them see your heart

Oh, Jesus, be my legacy
Oh, Jesus be….be the legacy that I leave
Let the world see you Jesus,
Let them see you Jesus
Let the world see Jesus in me


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