Blog – 12-27-17

As I write this blog the day after Christmas, I have to tell you, I am totally worn out from all the Christmas celebrations. We had John’s family on Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas Day, so it was two very full days and one very full prep day before. It was so much fun and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world, but I woke up today tired and worn out.

I knew I was going to lay a little low today and try to take it easy. I planned to work but not too much. In the middle of the day I did something which is pretty radical for me, something I never do. I took a long, hot bath!

It was heavenly!

Besides bringing relief to my aching back and feet, it was very spiritual. Hang with me and let me explain.

As I lay in the warmth of the water, I started feeling the warmth of God’s love. I closed my eyes and felt the Holy Spirit directing my thoughts as I relaxed and leaned into the peacefulness of the moment. For some reason, I felt lead to release things that had been swirling around in my mind, things like worry, doubt, fear, regret, striving. Things I know a lot of us struggle with and I’ve written many blogs about.

My mind kept getting filled with more and more things I needed to surrender to God. I started listing those things out loud, getting louder and louder with each sentence as my resolve to surrender grew. The more I surrendered and released, the more strength I felt. My skin was a little pruned up by the time I got out of there, but God and I had a very powerful moment there in that tub!

And in the midst of it all, God showed me that surrender is my word for 2018. God always gives me a word for the year, and next year will be all about surrender.

Surrendering my plans for His plans.

Surrendering my will for His will.

Surrendering my worry for His peace.

Surrendering my fear for His strength.

Surrendering my striving for His mercy.

Surrendering my regret for His grace.

I realized once again that surrender is the only place we ever find true, lasting peace.

Then he said to them all: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”
Luke 9:23

Daily taking up our cross to me means surrender. Saying, “Jesus, I surrender to your plans, your will, your power, your strength.” For me, I know this is something I have to think about daily because if I don’t, I will run off on my own path every single time.

It’s easy to say we have surrendered something and let it go, but most of us keep little parts of it inside us. Leftover hurt. Shattered pieces of regret. Remnants of fear. Little pockets of doubt. It’s hard to be in a place of total and complete surrender.

But that’s exactly where God can use us!

God showed me that the very best version of me is when I’m completely surrendered.

Of course, once I got out of the tub, I had to write a song. I made a quick video for the song today, and I hope you will take a minute or two to listen. I know you’re busy. I know your schedule remains crazy with New Year celebrations coming up, but surrender is vital to our spiritual health. I urge you to take a minute to listen to this song and see where God might be calling you to surrender in your life.

You can listen by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. The lyrics are also listed below.

As we end 2017, I just want to say thank you for reading my blogs and being on this journey with me. I appreciate every one of you.

Also, if you’re still considering some end-of-year donations, my ministry is a 501(c)3, so any donations are tax deductible. If you feel led to support me in that way, you can click the donate button below.

Blessings to you in the New Year, and may 2018 be a year of surrender!

Hugs and love,


Words and music by Jill Miller (c) 2017

Verse 1:
I’ve been trying to please you, thinking I need to win your love
Every step leads me deeper in the valley of never enough
But today You pulled me close, You showed my heart again
It holds the blood of Christ so it is forever cleansed

I lay down my striving
I lay down my regret
I lay down my dreams that haven’t happened yet
I give You my heart, Lord
I give You every step
I surrender

Verse 2:
When I cling to shame and worry as if they were some kind of prize
I shatter the truth of Your Gospel when I believe all the lies
Help me trust in Your mercy, Father, help me believe
Because of Your love I am worthy, because of Your grace I am free

I lay down my striving
I lay down my regret
I lay down my dreams that haven’t happened yet
I give You my heart, Lord
I give You every step
I surrender

The very best version of me
Is when I completely surrender


Click Here to Listen to Song


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