Blog – 1-3-18

The New Year brings new beginnings, renewed hope, and a sense of excitement as we get to start over with a fresh, clean slate. Social media has been filled with positive, uplifting quotes about how this is THE year we will reach our dreams and be our best.

We all get caught up in the excitement, but how do we keep our momentum going? How do we get past the urge to settle for the same-old same-old? How do we break familiar habits and trade them for healthier choices?

I wish I had a new and revolutionary answer for you, something that would help you keep every New Year’s resolution burning inside of your spirit longer than the first two weeks of January. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all your dreams for the year come true, I really do.

After all, that’s what most of us want, if we’re honest. We want to lose those extra pounds we gained over the holidays, but we don’t want to set our alarm and get up early to work out. We want to grow personally and professionally, but we resist spending the time or the money it takes to experience lasting growth. We want to change, we really do, but we get frustrated quickly by the uphill climb to our goals.

We lose our momentum.

In a world where we are geared to expect things to arrive faster and faster and life to be easier and easier, it’s hard to stick with resolutions that don’t go along with the “have it your way” mentality we live in.

As I think about the New Year and work on my own goals and dreams for 2018, I’m struck with a truth I learned in my John Maxwell training: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Or to put it another way, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

If I approach the new year thinking I am going to do the same thing I did last year, just do it better, I’m more than likely going to lose my momentum quickly. If what I’ve been doing hasn’t worked up until now, doing it with more intensity and enthusiasm probably isn’t going to change things much at all.

It might be time to throw out the old and try something totally, completely different.

So that’s how I’m approaching my goal setting this year. I’m asking God to show me new and different ways to approach issues I always seem to struggle with. I’m allowing my heart and mind to be open to new, radical ideas that will keep my momentum going.

I’m trying to stop the insanity of doing what I’ve always done.

How about you? How are you doing on your goals?

Some of you have big, audacious goals, and I love it! In order to attain those goals and keep the momentum going, however, maybe this is the year you try something radical and different like hiring a Life Coach. I know for me, having the accountability and insight of a coach has truly been life-changing. Yes, it costs money, but it’s an investment in my growth that has been invaluable.

Maybe this is the year you go for it, hold nothing back, and change things up drastically.

I don’t know what this year looks like for you, but I invite you to:

Be open.

Be willing.

Be intentional.

I believe strongly that there truly are no limits to what we can do, only the ones we place on ourselves. So let’s step away from the insanity of doing the same things again this year and be intentional about changing things up and keeping the momentum going for growth in 2018.

And if you’re serious about your goals this year and want help on your journey through coaching, let me know! I would be honored to walk alongside you and keep you moving forward.

Maybe this is the year we can keep the momentum going!

The best to you in 2018!

Hugs and love,



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