Busy Signal

Blog – 9-13-17

Are you an Activity Addict? Is God getting a busy signal when He tries to talk to you? Is there room for God in your daily activities?

I would guess if I could look at most of your schedules, they would be pretty full. Between work, kid’s activities, church obligations, time with friends, chores around the house, there probably isn’t much down time.

As I teach and train individuals and teams on leadership and growth, I have found that across the board most people complain about one common theme, not having enough time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do.

I get it. I feel it. I complain about the exact same thing.

But honestly, I think that’s an excuse we use too often in our faith life. We just don’t have time for God. We slip a few quick minutes in in the morning and call it good.

Yet the Bible is pretty clear about the value of being quiet before God.

The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him,
to the one who seeks him;
it is good to wait quietly
for the salvation of the Lord.

Lamentations 3:25-26

It is good to wait quietly…hmmm.

When we do take the time, it’s hard to be still and be quiet. I would say the vast majority of us have serious cases of AD/HD when it comes to our spiritual lives. We may start a prayer or begin reading our Bibles, but within seconds our minds go back to our to-do list for the day or the latest problem at work or with one of our kids. We wiggle and squirm spiritually like a three-year-old. We struggle to shut off the noise of the world and our minds drift far, far away.

How long since you’ve sat with God, I mean really sat with God? How long has it been since you’ve opened your heart to Him and truly listened? Have you ever spent an entire day with God dreaming and discovering His purpose for your life?

I know you’ve spent days with people that you love. Why not spend one with God?

I know exactly what you’re thinking as you read this….Who has time? I can’t even get a few hours to myself, let alone a whole day.

I get it. We’re busy. We have important lives to lead and responsibilities to fulfill.

But honestly, is there anything more important than our relationship with God? If He is truly No. 1 in our lives, doesn’t He deserve our undivided, full attention? Is it really a sacrifice to spend time in His presence? Isn’t it closer to the truth to realize that this time spent in His presence will fill us up and rejuvenate us for the journey ahead?

I challenge you to try this. Spend an hour or two, or better yet an entire day, listening and hearing from God. Take a journal with you and write down your thoughts. Read your Bible SLOWLY and soak it in instead of racing through. Clear your head. Relax. Breathe deeply and slowly. Listen. Take a break from your rush-rush-rush agenda and settle into the rhythm of God’s agenda.

Trust me, God is a lot busier than you are, and He always has time for you!

Hang up on the activities in your life so when God calls and wants to talk to you He doesn’t get a busy signal!

Hugs and love,



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