Blog – 5-3-17


Well…almost! Can you tell I’m just a bit excited! The new CD, “Twelve, the Freedom Soundtrack” is in production and will be physically in our hands in a few days. The cover is up above. Isn’t it gorgeous! Thanks, Colleen Lancaster-Raynie, for your awesome design!

As I listened to the final masters yesterday, I realized again how much I myself need these songs. They are fight songs, as I’ve written before, and to be honest, we are all in a fight of one kind or another.

Whether we are fighting addiction, bad habits, lack of confidence, trauma from our past, abuse in our present, broken relationships, whatever our situation in life, we all have battles. We all struggle. We all need to be encouraged every single day of our lives.

Rachel and I want these songs to be a source of encouragement for you. We hope they give you a feeling of “you’ve got this” when everything in you tells you that you don’t. We pray the words whisper a quiet assurance over you that no matter what is happening, God really does have your hand and is leading you through the storm. We earnestly hope these songs lead you to freedom.

Whether you are in recovery or not, I encourage you to click the link below and order your copy today. And don’t just order one. Buy ten and give them away to your friends.

I mean it!

I absolutely feel that strongly about these songs and the power they hold because I have felt the Spirit so present throughout this entire process. I’m telling you, my friend, these songs feel anointed; and we want to pass that anointing on to you and then have you help us pass that anointing on to the world.

We will also release the song digitally, so it will be available on iTunes and Amazon, etc. HOWEVER, we would love it if you would buy it direct from us at

Here’s why. Proceeds actually go directly to us rather than Apple and Amazon. I have nothing against them, but they didn’t do any of this work, and I believe artists should get the proceeds for their art. And the good news is, the more proceeds we get, the more we can spread this music out to other people, take it to the world. It allows Rachel and I to be on the road – hotels, gasoline, flights, food, etc., and play these songs live at events, conferences, retreats and recovery meetings. Plus it values our time and work, which believe me, this project has had our very hearts and souls wrapped up in it.

I realize some of your laptops, tablets and even cars don’t have CD players anymore. We can figure out a simple way to get the music to you digitally, if that’s what you’d rather have. No problem. Just email us through the website and we will figure that all out.

I’m excited, I’m pumped, and I’m filled with confidence that God is going to do more with these songs than Rachel and I can imagine. We are dreaming big because we both know God is asking us to.

I don’t ask this often, but I am humbly asking now. It would be way cool if you would help us get this project out to people we can’t reach by passing our website along to your peeps so they can join the freedom movement. All you have to do is simply share this blog and spread the love!

Most of all, my hope and my prayer is that these songs touch you deeply, that your lives are impacted because of them, and that they are a pathway to true freedom.

Thanks, my friend!

Hugs and love,



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