Dump Trucks!

Blog – 1-4-17

The New Year, how do you approach it? Do you write down a list of resolutions and bad habits you are determined to break, or do you make internal vows to make changes in your life? Do you make complicated lists of goals and design specific steps to achieve them, or have you given up on trying to change because your resolutions in the past have left you feeling defeated? Do you fit into the majority of the population who has already quit going to the gym by the end of January?

Whatever way you approach the New Year, whether with vim and vigor or feeling a little overwhelmed, I urge you to do one thing first.

Think about dump trucks.


Yes, I really did just say that. Let me explain.

In a Max Lucado devotional I read this morning he asked us to picture a dump truck of God’s love covering us. I instantly laughed and thought that was brilliant. Take a minute and picture a big yellow dump truck in your front yard. It’s huge, like ones used at construction sites. Your interest is piqued, obviously, so you go outside to check it out.

When you get to this big huge yellow truck sitting in the middle of your property, you see a note on the back that says, “Sit down behind me. I’ve got a present I want to dump all over you…Love. Have a great day! God.”

That may sound weird to some of you, but I’m very visual. I smile when I think about God offering an invitation like that, to be covered in His love. And I know I need to be reminded of God’s love constantly. Otherwise, I feel covered by my failures and the mistakes I’ve made.

The truth is that invitation is very, very real!
God is in the business of dumping love all over us!

I also believe the very best place that any of us can start the New Year, and every single day of our lives for that matter, is covered in God’s love. If we get that very important piece right, the rest of our lives will become so much easier.

So picture that dump truck and hear God calling you to sit right behind it so He can cover you in His love.


And remember, my friend, that invitation is always there, waiting for us. He offers that love every moment of every day.

And the Good News is that love will cover all the mistakes you made last year. His love will cover the hidden secret from your college years that keeps haunting you today. His love will cover every lie you’ve told, every promise you’ve broken, every word spoken in anger, every harmful habit, every piece of bitterness that’s lodged deep in your heart, and every single sin you try so had to hide.

His love covers everything!

He invites us to sit behind His dump truck of love so we can feel what David wrote about in Psalm 103:3-4:

He forgives all my sins
and heals all my diseases.
He saves my life from the grave
and loads me with love and mercy.”

Before you start planning and setting goals and heading to the gym, take a moment to sit behind that dump truck and let God load you with love and mercy. Once you’re covered in that love, trust that your future will be brighter than ever!

Wishing you all the best (and lots of love) in 2017!

Hugs and love,



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