Blog  10-5-16


As I write this blog, I am sitting on a plane headed to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am meeting with some women I met at the John Maxwell training event in August. We are discussing some ministry ideas and possibilities.

I don’t have a clue how this meeting will go, I don’t even know these women all that well, yet I felt compelled to say yes when they asked to get together. I felt the Spirit prompting me to go, and my husband John confirmed that he felt I should go as well.

I may have wonderful news to share at some point about the next few days, or not. We may come up with a plan to change the world (okay, so I dream big!), or we may decide to part as friends and keep going in our own separate directions. I really have no idea.

But I’m open to the possibilities.

I think about all the improbable possibilities that happened in the bible, things like a simple shepherd boy slaying a giant, neighbors watching a crazy man build an ark on dry land, ordinary water turning into wine, and the son of God coming to earth through a virgin birth. None of those things seemed possible…until you put God in the mix.

God makes the impossible possible.

God takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary!

I believe with all my heart that when God looks at us and our situations, He sees possibilities. He sees untapped potential we have no idea is there. We may only see the problems we are facing, but He sees opportunities way bigger than we dare to imagine. Absolutely everything we face in life changes when we put God in the mix.

It’s like an artist walking into a room filled with random piles of clay. To the ordinary eye, it may look like a total mess, all these lifeless lumps taking up space. But to the artist, they know these lifeless lumps can be transformed into a beautiful work of art. A masterpiece. The possibility is there whether you see it or not!

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of ordinary. I get bored with the same old same old. I would much rather let God transform the ordinary to extraordinary.

That’s what God can do in our lives.

Are you open to the possibilities God is trying to awaken in you? Are you at least willing to think about it? When those doubts and what if’s start to cloud your view, tell them to take a hike!

I encourage you to put God in the mix of your life and entertain all of the possibilities that are unfolding before you. Dare to say yes, even when it seems impossible. If you believe that the Bible is true, which I hope you do, then never say never! David believed the impossible could happen with a simple slingshot and went on to become King. That’s a pretty cool model to follow!

Trust and believe that God makes the impossible possible!

Hugs and love,



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