Listening to the Nudges

Blog – 3-16-16


Have you ever found yourself in a place you thought you’d never be yet somehow you know it’s where you were always meant to go? Whether it’s in a relationship, your career, or your personal development, have you ever found yourself feeling very “at home” in a place you never dreamed life would take you?

As you read this, I am in Orlando, Florida, getting certified as a speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team. John Maxwell is recognized nationally as the #1 expert in leadership, and I’m very excited to be joining his team of leadership professionals.



Blessed to be on this new journey with my friend, Cheryl Wells!

The crazy thing is how I got here…through some very gentle nudges. I kept seeing John’s name on Facebook, and I started pBlessed to be on this new journey with my friend, Cheryl Wellsaying more attention because his face kept popping up. I started reading about his leadership and coaching certification program, and I became intrigued.

When I felt the first nudge that this leadership thing might be something I should do, I quickly tried to ignore it. I didn’t think I could take on “one more thing.” Really, God, don’t I work hard enough already? Yet the nudges kept right on coming. Really, God, what is it about this? Why won’t you let it go? Until finally, okay, God, this is what you want, isn’t it. I knew this was the next step I was supposed to take to add to my singing and speaking.

I couldn’t ignore the nudges.

The funny thing is how at home I feel in this new endeavor. There’s not a single question in this usually very inquisitive and second-guessing-myself mind that this is the next step on my journey. A year ago I didn’t even know John Maxwell had a team of people working for him, yet here I am, joining his ranks of leadership professionals.

It’s been a rather grueling three months of training leading up to this certification process, but the material is outstanding and something I believe in 150 percent! I can’t wait to get into businesses and churches and wherever God takes this to teach the leadership and coaching insights gathered by John in his 30 plus years of studying, practicing, and teaching leadership.

Learn from me, don’t ignore the nudges!

Is there something that keeps coming to your mind? Is there a nudge that keeps coming back that you don’t understand but there’s just “something” about it? Listen to that nudge, my friend, because God might be taking you exactly where He’s been leading you all along. It may be something you had never thought of before, but keep your heart open to the possibility. Don’t say no too quickly!

Click to tweet: God might be taking you exactly where He’s been leading you all along.

I’m glad I finally listened to the nudges!

In case you’re wondering what this means for my ministry, I will still be doing all of the things I’ve done in the past, singing, speaking, writing songs, etc. The training will be something I take into the corporate world. I even have a new business name for this part of my work, Transformational Leadership and Coaching, TLC for short! The mission statement of this new venture is to add value to others through speaking and coaching, enabling and empowering them to find their true purpose and reach their full potential.

If you know of a business or a church that needs some leadership coaching or training, let me know. You can simply respond to this email or leave us a comment!

And remember, don’t ignore the nudges!

Hugs and love,


One thought on “Listening to the Nudges

  1. Awesome today Angel One! Perfect timing too as you always do with your Butterfly Nation Blog! Love you and so thrilled for YOU! To HIS Glory and for HIS Kingdom….Amen

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