Mountains out of Molehills

Blog – 9-30-15
Mountains out of Molehills

Mountain Out Of A Male Hill

Have you ever had a project looming before you that you’ve dreaded, fussed about and put off because you thought it would take FOREVER to get done? Has your procrastination made the project grow into a huge mountain that seemed to get bigger and bigger with every passing day, week, month and maybe even year? Whether it’s cleaning out a closet, going through the dreaded “junk drawer,” or some other task you despise, every time you think about tackling it excuses get in the way. There’s always something better to do, and the project starts growing in intensity.

I have a whole list of things I’ve put off because they seemed like mountains looming in front of me. In my mind’s eye, they grew from a simple “something I need to take care of” to a “I will NEVER have time to get this done!” It’s crazy how our perspective can get incredibly distorted.

My husband John and I recently tackled one such project. It was a simple thing, something we both ignored for way too long…years in fact! John started piling things in a corner of our bedroom. It started off innocently enough, but as things do, it started growing into a pretty substantial pile of stuff. Pretty soon that pile of stuff became part of the room. Every time I would think about going through it with John and getting it put away, it seemed like too much to handle. There were a million excuses for why we couldn’t get to it. I know we all have places in our homes that just seem to collect junk, and this was that place!

One night last week, I had had it. For some reason, when I saw that stupid pile I said, “That’s enough! Time to handle this.” I went and got John, and he agreed it was time to lose the pile! Once we dug into it, it was amazing how quickly every item in that pile found a home. A few trips to the Goodwill pile, a few trips to the basement, and a few trips to the closet and it was done! In reality, it probably only took us 15 minutes to get through that silly pile. It wasn’t nearly as big a deal as we had made it in our minds.

I know we all do that in our lives…we make mountains out of molehills. We put things off until they become bigger than life. We ignore things we don’t want to deal with. We don’t take the time to sort through our junk!

We can get into that rut spiritually as well. We let simple struggles grow into huge mountains, and we lose our perspective. We forget how big our God really is! Jesus tells us in Matthew 17:20, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Sometimes we have to sort through our spiritual piles and get rid of what doesn’t belong…lies we have believed from the enemy, anger we’ve refused to let go of, hurts we are holding on to. Those piles make us lose our perspective and make the problems larger and larger and God smaller and smaller.

Maybe it would helps us if we could make the choice to focus on how good we will feel when we have the task done, whether it’s a physical task or a spiritual task. Reality is it’s probably not half as bad as we think it’s going to be. Plus we have God’s word assuring us that nothing is impossible as long as we have faith!

When I walk by that space in our room now, I smile and think how wonderful it looks to have it cleaned up. It’s a happy little space now, and those 15 minutes proved a very important point…that mountain was really only a molehill!

Hugs and love,




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