There’s Something in the Water

Blog – 7-29-15

There’s Something in the Water 

There’s something in the water in Nashville…creativity is so alive and real that you can literally feel it. I wrote last week about the angst I was feeling about my Christmas CD project. Let me just say one thing, God showed up in a mighty, mighty way! You couldn’t write the scenario of what took place any more perfectly.

Our first day in the studio was exactly a week ago. I had to drive up from Cleveland, TN, because I was attending a music school with Darren, the young man I work part-time with at Side By Side Ministries. We were both attending the Steve Hurst School of Music. That was awesome as well, but I will tell you about that in another blog. Darren and I drove the 2 ½ hours from Cleveland to Nashville and arrived about an hour before we needed to be in the studio.

We stopped at the NSAI office to run off some lyric sheets for the session. We were just heading out to the studio when Bart, the Executive Director of NSAI, called me with some others to come up to his office. He said, “You don’t want to miss this.” We headed up there and proceeded to be serenaded by Chris DeStefano, one of the co-writers of “There’s Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood. Chris wrote the song with Carrie and Brett James. It was absolutely amazing to hear this raw version of a song that is incredibly powerful and moving.

We then headed to Starstruck Studios, which is Reba’s studio and one of the best studios in Nashville. It also happens to be the exact studio where Carrie recorded that song, and we were actually in the exact same room the song was recorded in. To top things off, some of the players on my session were the actual players on Carrie’s session. I even sang on the same microphone she sang on. Kind of gives you the chills! Here’s a picture of the studio and the room we were in.


Starstruck Studio


Starstruck Studio

All the angst that I wrote about last week was quickly forgotten as we started bringing the songs to life. One by one, the songs were laid down and the magic started happening. We had definitely chosen the right songs. We knew going in that the title track, “King of Kings,” was going to be a powerful song, but I can truly say it is way bigger than I even imagined it could be. The players absolutely hit it out of the park. Here’s a picture of the incredibly talented musicians who played on the session.


King of Kings Session Players

I co-wrote the song with my producer, Jimmy Nichols (who played on Carrie’s session) and Robert White-Johnson, a writer who has had No. 1 hit songs with people like Celine, Alabama, and Van Zant. These guys know a hit when they hear it, and they are convinced that we have a monster on our hands. I hope they are right, but in the end, I know it’s all in God’s hands. When it glorifies Him, it’s a hit!

The most touching part of the entire session, the part that made me feel like there was definitely something in the water, happened when we were all in the control room listening back to the title track, King of Kings. The players, the engineers, Robert, Jimmy, and even the interns were all standing in that control room totally mesmerized by the beauty of the music. The Holy Spirit was heavy, and we were all worshipping, hands raised and all. It was glorious! I don’t even know if everyone in the room was a believer, but they were for that moment! God was worshipped and glorified, and I can’t get that image out of my head. It felt like confirmation that we should never doubt God and His power to do things beyond our imagination. Music is powerful, and I’m so humbled to be playing a small part in God’s orchestra.

We left the studio at 9:00 on Thursday night after recording all day. It had been a long day and we had to drive 2 ½ hours back to Cleveland for the rest of the music school, but I felt an incredible high that comes from creating something beautiful. Darren and I kept going over all the “Jesus” moments we had witnessed in the studio, and my heart just smiled. I knew God was very pleased with what we had accomplished.

We are a long, long ways from being done, but I can’t wait for you to hear the songs. I will go back to Nashville in a few weeks to sing the lead vocals and harmonies; we will add strings and some other lead instruments. Then the tracks will have to be mixed and mastered, pictures will have to be taken, the CD jacket will have to be designed…lots to do, but it’s all incredibly exciting because it’s all for the King of Kings!

God is so good, and in Nashville, without a doubt, there was something in the water!



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