Divine appointment

My friends:

We pray daily asking God to show us what we should do, how we should act and what He’s showing us. Yet, when push comes to shove, especially for me, I find my agenda coming before God’s divine appointments.

It’s not that I find myself not paying attention to interactions around me, but there are times I need to get things done…on my time. Do you find yourself there too?

My husband sits quietly watching me in this physical struggle to do what I want to do versus what God has clearly put on my agenda. (this will be good)

Case in point, Saturday Jill asked me to attend a meeting for a retreat. Now I knew it was something I wanted to do, I also needed to do, but somehow my Saturday list of chores was sending me into a frenzy. My list became my priority, the doing versus the being, my Mary vs Martha moment.

I can also relate to Jacob wrestling with God in Genesis 32:24 “So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak.” My stubborn pride in not giving into what God had already set in front of me as His divine appointment.

So that morning, still struggling with myself, and God knowing my stubbornness, put 3 confirmations of His will in front of me. I read several daily devotionals online. One came from that. Another came from Jesus calling: Try to see things from my perspective. Yes, that still wasn’t good enough..the 3rd moments later from Lysa TerKerst’s book The Best Yes: Moses what you’re doing isn’t good…-from Exodus 18. Moses was being called out by his father-in-law, Jethro. Although taken out of context from the particular scripture passage, really called me out.

Although my list is important to get done, God was asking and needing me elsewhere: His divine appointment.

I went to talk with Brian(hubby) and show him all what signs God had given me that morning. Brian says “I could have told you that” 🙂 Thank goodness he didn’t, and let me figure it all out!

So, God showed up in a mighty way. I aligned myself with Him. Let my list rest until I came home. I became in-tune with His presence and watched Him work. I needed to be exactly where He had been telling me all along.

I leave you with the excerpt of the prayer from last week:

Thank you for Your divine appointments, shown to us where ever we go. We lift up all those worries, cares, disappointments we all carry, may we leave them at Your feet, surrendered to You, Heavenly Father.
Bless all of our families, be with our children (grown & growing)
In your name..Amen

Have a blessed day and week my friends!



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