Feed Your Faith – Starve Your Fear

The world is a scary place right now, and fear is on the rise. There’s no getting around it. We all wonder how long this crisis will last. We worry about when we will get back to normal, and what will our new normal even look like? 
Here’s the thing about a crisis, it will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. It will push you out of your comfort zone. It will force you to get creative. It’s the place where the rubber meets the road, and we have to choose which way we are going to go.
One of the biggest decisions we are all faced with in this time of uncertainty is whether we are going to choose fear or faith.
The choice I encourage each and every one of you reading this blog is to choose this very instant to feed your faith and starve your fear. 
Yes, we can’t control our environment and what is going on around us, but we can control our reaction to it. We can choose to take our thoughts captive and focus on Him. We can choose to be intentional about not letting our emotions get the best of us. We can choose to shut fear down.
But how? How do we shut fear down? How do we not give it power to control us? How do we feed our faith and starve our fear?
One practical way to starve our fear is to shut the TV off! Yes, we have to keep updated on what’s going on, we need to be informed; but the media so often thrives on fear and negativity. Limit your time listening to the nonstop rhetoric. Take a break from social media if it’s making fear rise up. Pay attention to what is making you feel anxious, and then avoid it. Choose to do something positive instead.
The absolute best way to silence your fear when it starts rising up is to feed your faith. A great way to do that is to engage in worship. And when I say worship, I mean more than just singing. Worship is showing your love for God, and we can do that in a number of ways, including:

1. Worship through music –  Sing or listen to worship music. Lift up songs of praise or turn on a song to remind you of who God is. Music reaches deep into our souls. And remember, whether you think you sing well or not, every note you sing in worship is beautiful to our Father’s ears!

2. Worship through prayer – Prayer is simply a conversation with God, and He is always willing to listen. Pray scripture, pray over your fear, pray for our country, pray for your family.  Pray, pray, pray!

3. Worship through praise and thanksgiving – Remember what God has done and how He has shown up for you in the past. A great idea is to keep a Faith Journal where you write down all the ways God has shown up in your life. Write it down so you don’t forget. Write down how He is showing up in the midst of this current crisis. Many of the Psalms are faith journals where they recall how God delivered them in the past, which gives us hope for the present.

4. Worship through the Word – Dive into scripture. Use this new-found free time that many of us are experiencing to go deep into His Word. Feast on His truth. If you don’t know how to study the Bible, go online and find a study plan or devotional. Actually look up the passages they list rather than simply skimming over them. Spend time in the Psalms. The more we are bathed in His truth and have His Word written on our hearts, the easier it is to recall it when fear starts rising up.

5. Worship through your purpose – When we are living our lives in our sweet spot, that place God created us to be, that is a beautiful act of worship. The slow-down we are all going through might be an opportunity for you to ask yourself some hard questions. The job that you’re waiting to go back to, is it really something you are called to do, or is it just a way to make a living? Is this the time to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do? (By the way, I have an online course that can help you discover and live out your purpose if you aren’t sure you know what it is.)   
This is a perfect opportunity for us to exercise our trust muscle and deepen our faith.
So join me, friend, and together let’s feed our faith and starve our fear!
Hugs and love,
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